Customized sportswear
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Create fully customized collection


Create fully customized collection


What is the minimum ordered quantity?
MOQ of our fully customized sportswear are 10 pieces of each product with one design.
What kind of graphic design I may apply?
Every graphic design that meets SMMASH cryteria. We don’t print designs which are offensive toward third parties or against their religious feelings. We don’t print copyrighted graphic design without copyright transfer. All of our projects are made by our international graphic designers team after receiving brief from a client. We don’t disclose our mockups to third parties.
How long does it take to produce fully customized collection?
No problem at all. We may design unique logotype for you and your team after receiving brief.
How to choose size?
All size charts are available on our website under every product. You may also receive SMMASH catalogue after contacting our sales department.