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PL: Koszulka personalizowana. Dodaj swój tekst i wyróżnij się podczas treningu! 

Od teraz możesz ją mieć z własnym napisem, np. Trener personalny, Trener Maciek, Smmash Team, Born to win. To są tylko przykłady! Ogranicza Cię tylko wyobraźnia

 Podczas składania zamówienia w polu „wiadomość dla sprzedającego” zostaw nam informację jaki tekst mamy przygotować, nie zapomnij o podziale na linijki! W razie pytań skontaktujemy się z Tobą ;)

• Tekst naniesiony zostanie na plecach z użyciem czcionki jak na wizualizacji. Nie ma możliwości naniesienia dodatkowej grafiki czy logotypu.

• Zamówienie zostanie zrealizowane w ciągu 48h od momentu zaksięgowania wpłaty. 

UWAGA! Tego produktu nie możesz kupić za pobraniem. Produkt wykonywany jest na Twoje indywidualne zamówienie, bez możliwości zwrotu lub wymiany.

DE: Ein personalisiertes Shirt. Füge deinen Text hinzu und hebe dich während des Trainings hervor!

Jetzt kannst du es mit deiner eigenen Aufschrift haben, zB. Personaltrainer, Coach Marc, Smmash Team, Born to win. Es sind nur Beispiele! Du bist nur durch deine Vorstellungskraft begrenzt.

• Während du eine Bestellung aufgeben wirst, lasse uns Info im Fenster "Nachricht für Verkäufer", was für einen Text wir vorbereiten sollten. Vergesse bitte nicht deine Aufschrift in entsprechende Zeilen zu teilen! Falls wir Fragen hätten, werden wir uns mit dir kontaktieren :)

• Der Text wird auf dem Rücken mit einer Schriftart, wie auf der 3D-Ansicht, platziert werden. Es wird unmöglich sein, eine andere Grafik oder ein anderes Logo hinzufügen.

• Deine Zahlung wird gebucht werden, wird die Bestellung in 48 h vorbereitet werden.

ACHTUNG! Du kannst nicht dieses Shirt per Nachnahme kaufen. Das Produkt wird für deine individuelle Bestellung produziert werden. Es wird keine Rückgabe oder kein Umtausch möglich.

ENG: A personalized compression top. Add your text and stand out during your workout!

Now you can have it with your own inscription, eg. Personal trainer, Coach Mike, Smmash team, Born to win.These are just examples! You are limited only by your imagination.

• While you are placing an order, please leave us info in the message for seller, what text should we print on the product. Please do not forget to write your inscription in corresponding lines!

• The text will be placed on the back with a font, as on the 3D preview. It will be impossible to add another graphic or logo.

 The order will be shipped within just 48 hours after receiving your payment.

ATTENTION! The product will be produced for your individual order. There is no return or exchange possible.

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Compression Top Man


How to choose size?
All size charts are available on our website under every product. You may also receive SMMASH catalogue after contacting our sales department.
How we make it?
List of technologies that we use is available on our website and in our catalogue. Our sportswear is based on newest technologies and selected materials.
Where we produce SMMASH wear?
In the heart of Poland, Łódź. Every single step of production is run by us what give us full quality control. 100% Made in European Union.



Spiders' ability to produce a material which is stronger than steel and more extendible than nylon are why both the process and the thread itself became the focus of study of many scientists. Current biochemical and mechanical analyses of spider web threads inspired us to create the revolutionary Spider's Steel technology thanks to which we have created threads 2.5 times stronger and by 140% more resistant to tearing than traditions fibres used for manufacturing thermal clothing.


Intensive physical activity obviously means excessive sweating which in turn leads to unpleasant smell. But contrary to general opinion, it is sweat that causes this but bacteria which decompose fat and lipids excreted by sebaceous glands. The technology that we use where the fibres are laced with silver ions which are a natural bactericide considerably limits bacterial processes on the surface of the skin and neutralise the unpleasant smell.


For your thermal clothes to function properly it should fit snugly to your body. Only then will fulfil its purpose: protecting your body, not restricting your movements and cooperating with your skin and muscles. Thanks to SMMASH Nano-Stretch fabric our clothes are light, soft and gentle and their perfectly fitting structure feels like your “second skin”.


Research shows that the best body temperature which will ensure high efficiency during workout is 37 degrees C. Thanks to the 3D weave technology we were able to achieve active body temperature regulation necessary during diverse body strength training schemes


SMMASH Nano-Stretch fabric is twice as thin and twice as strong as traditional fabric. It fits perfectly to the anatomy of your body and works with it to achieve maximum training results.

TermoPerformance Material

Thanks to a special structure and distribution of fibres it helps maintain constant core body temperature. It is also has vapour release capabilities leaving your skin dry even during intensive physical activity. A special system based on smart ducts remove sweat from the inside part of the fabric thanks to which your muscles remain warmed up and your body dry during training.


All our graphics are transferred onto clothing using the new method of dying based on sublimation of dye nano particles. It is a high-precision printing technology for the entire spectrum of colours which consists of thermal transfer directly onto the fabric. This way we are able to produce colours which are 40% more intense than on tradition products. Since we only use ecological water-based dyes which do not include any heavy metals or solvents, our method of dying is completely safe for children or people with allergies.

6-Panel Construction

This new method of joining different fragments of fabrics in such a way that they stay close to your body. This solution offers absolute freedom of movements and the highest level of comfort. The fabric distributed over a 6-panel structure in combination with added synthetic fibre prevents deformations and dislocation of your clothes during training or fight. Additionally, it protects the fabric against deformations during washing.

Quadruple elastic seam

Improves durability of the fabric and protects it against excessive stretching. Elastic seam also reduces possibility of abrasions or skin injuries. Does not cut into your skin and makes the fabric feel softer. It is virtually unnoticeable yet strong which is why the fabric can withstand even the most extreme situations.


We have prepared two series of technologically advanced products. Stand out with perfect and unique sportswear design.


If you want your team to stand out from the crowd and be recognizable, you need proper visual identification. That's where our job begin. Check out what we can do for you.
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